Dermot O’Leary scolds Alison Hammond for interrupting Gok Wan interview

This Morning host Dermot O’Leary was trying to lead Gok Wan interview when he snapped at Alison Hammond for derailing the segment

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This Morning: Dermot tells Alison to ‘hang on a minute’

Dermot O’Leary jokingly told off co-host Alison Hammond during an interview on This Morning earlier today.

The TV presenter, 48, lost his patience when his famously bubbly co-host jumped in and interrupted his introduction of a guest on the show’s interview segment.

The pair were gearing to to chat with fashion guru, Gok Wan, who is promoting his latest TV show called Bling and pawnbroker Mr Freeze.

But as Dermot got ready to introduce Mr Freeze, as producers had seemingly instructed, Alison went off-script and rushed straight into the interview with Gok, saying: “So its called Bling…”.

Dermot O’Leary tells off his This Morning co-host Alison Hammond

A normally cool-headed Dermot, who was thrown off guard, promptly cut her off and snapped: “Hang on a minute, I haven’t introduced Mr Freeze! Hold your horses.”

After some awkward laughs from Alison and Gok, Dermot was able to return things to order by introducing the jeweler, who stood patiently behind a counter. He then resumed the chat with Gok as lead interviewer.

Gok Wan, who was promoting his new TV show, Bling, was caught in the middle

Gok’s new television show, Bling, will tell the stories of more than 120 people as they hunt for the perfect piece of jewellery for a special occasion or hope to repair a treasured trinket.

While Alison, 46, and Dermot, 48, normally get on like a house on fire and have become the ITV show’s fan favourites, they have had the odd on-air tiff.

Dermot has also previously revealed they have once had to chat off the air following a clash on This Morning.

Pawnbroker, Mr Freeze, kept his cool during the heated exchange

While he now says Alison has become like a sister to him, he explained that it was the first time they’d met in 15 years when they first teamed up to present on live TV for two and a half hours.

“The idea that there wouldn’t be a period of getting to know each other is insane. If we’d just gone on air and pretended that we knew each other really well and were bosom buddies, people wouldn’t have bought that” he told The Sun.

“We both did something that the other didn’t like – nothing major. But after it happened we looked at each other, and I said: ‘You didn’t like it when I did that, did you?’

“And she said no, she didn’t. And I said: ‘OK, well I didn’t like it when you did that thing.’

Dermot and Alison have previously had to clear the air off camera



We both laughed, because now we knew. The most important thing is to find out what annoys the other and make sure you don’t do it again.

“If you’re doing live telly with someone you don’t trust, it doesn’t work.”

Dermot, who is the former Big Brother ‘s Little Brother host and Brummie Alison who made her name as a contestant on Big Brother, took over as This Morning host in January with the pair replacing Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

ITV This Morning airs 10am to 12noon, with presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield Monday to Thursday, and Dermot and Alison on Fridays.

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