Oilers’ Kassian in concussion protocol after suffering injury in fight

Edmonton Oilers winger Zack Kassian is feeling better but will enter concussion protocol, head coach Dave Tippett said one day after Kassian hit his head on the ice during a fight late in a game Thursday.

Kassian fought the Canucks’ Zack MacEwen late in a 3-2 loss to the Oilers in response to a scrum between MacEwen and Edmonton goalie Mike Smith. Kassian’s helmet came off during the fight and when he hit his head he was briefly laying motionless on the ice, although he was eventually able to skate off with the help of trainers.

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After the game, Tippett said Kassian was in “good spirits” but had “a pretty good bump on his head.” He said Friday the bump was starting to disappear.

Kassian is entering his 11th NHL season and seventh with the Oilers. Edmonton concludes the pre-season Saturday against the Canucks then hosts Vancouver in both teams’ season opener on Oct. 13.

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