Gok Wan explains why his perfect weekends begin with early starts and dog walks


The TV star is an early riser even when it is the weekend and loves nothing more than a walk with his dog – who he treats to a breakfast date – and coffee with friends

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While most people might look forward to a long lie when it gets to the weekend, for Gok Wan there is still no time to waste whether it’s a Sunday or a Monday.

The busy 47-year-old often finds himself working on a weekend anyway – but on rare occasions where he doesn’t have to get up to engage in work duties, he is still up early regardless.

Gok and his beloved dog Dolly make the most of their early mornings with walks outdoors, slap up breakfasts, and plenty of loving cuddles.

Here the TV host gives an insight into how his weekends usually turn out…

Gok Wan has shared his weekend routine and rituals


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On a non-working weekend I usually wake up between six and seven, which is no different to any other day of the week. I wake up early every single day, regardless of what time I go to bed.

I have a Teasmade in my room, so I make a cup of tea and have it in bed while cuddling with my dog, Dolly. Once we’ve had a snuggle and I’ve surfed social media, I’ll have a shower with the radio on and head downstairs.

Then, it’s out of the house with Dolly and we’ll go for breakfast. We go on dog-and-daddy breakfast dates where I’ll get a full English and she’ll have bacon and eggs. She sits up at the table opposite me, like we’re on a date.

Gok will catch up with friends after a leisurely breakfast with his dog, Dolly



Dogs are the most incredible companions, aren’t they? After Dolly is fed, watered and walked I’ll usually call someone to say, “Where are you? I’m in town, do you fancy a cup of tea or coffee?”

Then we go and grab anything but a tea or coffee – it might be a mimosa or a glass of champagne, even though it’s never much later than 11am!

Then, because there’s always work to do on the weekend, even if it’s a non-working one, I’ll find my way back home and spend some time replying to emails and sorting bits out. By the time I’ve ticked that off my list, it’s time to walk the dog again.

Once Dolly’s exercised, I’m on the phone to another three or four friends arranging lunch plans. It’s not long before we’re in a pub eating.

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The dog will have a roast dinner – she’s honestly the most spoiled dog in the world – and we’ll enjoy a few drinks, and then head back to my place in Covent Garden to chill, chill, chill.

When the evening rolls around we’ll get ourselves out and about, whether that’s to a pub or restaurant, or to play poker. Whatever we decide, it’s normally quite chaotic, full-on and quite spur of the moment. I very rarely have cemented plans. Everyone in my circle just knows that the phone will start ringing.

We’re all quite good at being spontaneous. We live by schedules all week, so by the time it gets to the weekend it’s the best way to be.

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