Lady Gaga making £750k a night as she returns to Las Vegas after two years

Lady Gaga may have been silent for the past two years since her Star Is Born success, but the Mama Monster is bouncing back…with a bang.

First she is heading back to Vegas for new shows, then promoting her duets album with crooner Tony Bennett. After that she is poised for more Oscar glory as the lead in Ridley Scott’s film House Of Gucci.

Lady Gaga returns to her Jazz & Piano residency in Las Vegas on October 14 – her first show dates in almost two years.

Gaga will play nine dates over two weeks this month, but her dancing and over the top pop shows are a world away from her homage to old school Las Vegas – once the home of croon kings Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin…and of course one of her best friends Tony Bennett.

Gaga is back in Vegas


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In fact Bennett even introduces the Oscar winner to the stage with a short recorded message.

The 35-year-old opens up on how much of her “warm hug” set list has aided her to quash “the loneliness in my heart”

Fuelled by memories of sipping tea, while humming along with her mum to Billie Holiday, it started her journey to becoming one of the world’s biggest pop star entertainers.

With a determined glare, she cites Vegas as the pinnacle of proof that her self belief and maverick nature were right despite many naysayers.

And while she banks over £750k a night, before a cut of merchandise, these extravaganzas are a passion project “paying homage” to her favourite artists.

From the off she tips her hat the old guard of Sin City with a powerful rendition of Luck Be A Lady.

The tune, made famous by Sinatra in the movie Guys And Dolls, has become an unofficial anthem to Vegas gamblers for decades.

The Mama Monster often closes the number by mimicking some of the dance moves from the 1955 movie.

Gaga performs with Tony Bennett


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She’ll make at least £750k a night


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Gaga delivers impeccable covers of big band masterpieces Anything Goes, Call Me Irresponsible as well Edith Piaf’s La Vie En Rose, which movie audiences know from A Star Is Born.

She also sprinkles the set with jazz renditions of her most famous hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance and Born This Way. For many fans those moments demonstrate the “raw power, emotion and genius songwriting are laid bare.”

Another highlight is Gaga, in between sips of whisky, riling up crowds to all sing along to the swing hit Just A Gigolo.

Wile the New Yorker is famous for her many provocative costumes on her sold out pop world tours, Jazz and Piano offers a stylish nod to old Hollywood.

And the custom made designer gowns cost over $10m to assemble.

With an insurance premium for the clothing of a million dollars, bouncers guard her bespoke wardrobe which Is kept in a secured safe.

The “priceless” showstopper is her tailor-made hand embroidered dress, which has over 53,000 Swarovski crystals and 250 rock crystals in its design.

Each piece is a collaboration between the Haus Of Gaga and leading designers.

Certainly the brightest is the hit pink blooming Schiaparelli cloak, draped atop of a black velour dress.

Gaga made her look a family affair too with sister Natali, a New York fashion school graduate, creating her opening look. It’s a twist on the famous Vegas little black party dress, with tassels and sequins, and paired with a headdress by Indonesian designer Rinaldy Yunardi.

Her Vegas residency is said to be incredible


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Finall fans have revealed ai her revealed at her finale outfit, which is a Ralph Lauren tuxedo suit, composed of a flowing organza and tulle skirt, embroidered with 7,500 Swarovski crystals. The black and white ensemble was matched with a belt embellished with more than 2300 Swarovski crystals.

Gaga reveals that that her connection to jazz stems back to when she was in the womb and then throughout her childhood.

“My very earliest memories of hearing jazz music are from when I was a very little girl and my mother would make me a cup of tea, and she would put on Billie Holiday.

“And I could not believe this woman’s voice. Billie led me to Ella Fitzgerald, Ella to Eta James, Eta to Dinah Washington and then I must have just as well fell over over Dinah.

“Listening to these women I found a color in their voice that I never heard before. What’s so incredible about jazz is that the number of songwriters and musicians that have arisen out of jazz – there is too many for me to even say it.

“When I was listening to Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue my head exploded as a kid.

“That trumpet playing to emote about the heaviness in your heart through brass, that’s heavy man.”

Gaga admits that the show is so powerful to hear because it represents her self belief and maverick nature.

Gaga takes to the piano


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She admits: “I found out very quickly in the music business that people like to tell you what to do.

“And what is so great is that when I get to sing jazz, I get to tell everybody what I want to do and tell everybody to kick rocks.”

Indeed her vision and steel is paying off both creatively and financially, taking home £750k for each show plus percentage in sales of goodies from jackets to

MGM also roll out the red carpet in full, providing private jet travel, access to the VIP Suites at all their properties from the Bellagio to Park and a complimentary beverage and food expense card. Gaga can eat or order from any of the group’s restaurants gratis.

One Vegas insider estimated the Gaga October package costs MGM Resorts £15m, but it worth double that for profile and earnings potential.

Brodie Cooper of US entertainment agency PRrrpd (CORR) said: “On the face of it Gaga’s show may be expensive, but many executives would argue that it is worth every penny.

“Clients are not just coming to see her, but they often spending large sums on nicer hotel suites, meals out and then gambling or hitting the clubs. The spends are known to rise dramatically when Gaga and other A listers have show nights.

“The Park itself having Gaga there is achieving huge publicity and promotion, which equates to the million of dollars in brand awareness worldwide.”

Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli in Ridley Scott’s crime epic House of Gucci



Gaga delights in being able to deliver performances in her own style without being stuck to a rigid set list.

Gaga often tells the crowds: “With jazz it is all about having a conversation with every single person you are playing with and telling a different story every night. And that is what I love so much about.

“Jazz is very special.

“There is something about the loneliness in my heart that becomes filled with happiness when I sing jazz.

“It is like a warm hug. Sing it as it was written or sing it however I want.”

Gaga spent years formulating the show idea, and then several months working with close friend and bandleader Brian Newman to assemble a 30 strong orchestra for the music.

The pair are more than colleagues. The Muti talented composer, performer and trumpeter is godmother to his six-year-old daughter, Sistilia, with wife Angie Pontani, a celebrated New York burlesque dancer.

Newman is proud that the pair have combined to deliver: “old Vegas—like the days of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, but also with the edge of the Lower East Side and the modernity that comes with an artist like her.

“It is the most wonderful show we could ever put on.

Gaga filming House of Gucci


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Newman grew close to Gaga when they hung out at dive bar music spot St Jeromes in the NYC’s Lower East Side.

While Gaga was a pop megastar, she never lost her passion for jazz often seeing Newman’s Quintet act shows around the US.

The star hired Newman for her touring pop band too, before calling him in for the Cheek To Cheek album.

“She has always been so wonderful and loyal, always on the money – but it not about money for any of us. It is about love and music.”
Newman arranged and played Gaga’s team on Love For Sale, which will be the final release for retired Bennett, who is battling Alzheimers Disease.
Gaga reflected on working on with “my musical companion” Bennett.

“He is an absolute legend. His legacy is unprecedented and that fact he shared his talents with me and let me be there while his light shined on me I will be forever grateful. He has supported me through the good times and bad. “

Gaga hopes the record will help “people take away the power of love through their relationship.

Gaga’s Vegas and music triumphs will then pave the way for a six month campaign for MGM’s House of Gucci.

The star dyed her hair brunette and wore it in a short voluminous style typical of the era


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The star is taking on the role of socialite Patrizia Reggiani


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Even though audiences have just seen the two minute trailer, industry sites and fans are predicting a huge awards season.

Comments under the trailer, include fans writing: “This has oscars written all over it,” while another added: “And the Oscar for Best Actress goes to Lady Gaga!!!” A third person added: “Lady Gaga’s performance looks like on another planet compared to the other actors.”Fans were immediately thrilled by the teaser for House Of Gucci and expressed their excitement on social media.

“Lady Gaga handles her character so f**king gooooood. Her second Oscar is

coming,” one admirer predicted.

Another demanded: “Give Lady Gaga the Oscar right now.”

“This is literally the peak of the entire cinema history,” an excited Twitter user exclaimed.

Someone else insisted: “Oh she coming for Oscars best actress.”

“I definitely think Gaga will get a lot of critical acclaim and nominations for this role. I’m excited to watch her film career soar to higher lengths,” another added. Betting website Goldderby say “41% of our readers now think Lady Gaga will win the Oscar for Best Actress” and over half reckon she will be nominated.

Gaga will be busy with promotional work starting in late autumn, before the event and interview awards season campaign runs until Oscar night on March 27 2022.

Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott‘s period film, an Italian socialite who goes to trial for ordering the murder of her husband, Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), in the 1990s.

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