Jimmy Carr opens up about his ‘Hollywood hair transplant’ and becoming a new dad

Comedy legend Jimmy Carr has admitted to altering his appearance with a hair transplant after 20 years in the public eye and his new found ‘softer’ side as he embarks on first time fatherhood

Jimmy has told how he had a 'Hollywood' hair transplant
Jimmy has told how he had a ‘Hollywood’ hair transplant

Comedian Jimmy Carr has told how he couldn’t be happier after treating himself to a ‘Hollywood hair transplant’ and finally becoming a father.

The 8 out of 10 Cats star admitted his appearance enhancing spiralled five years ago after he had his ‘teeth fixed’, then underwent botox and ended up having a 14 hour hair transplant, claiming working in TV ‘made him vain’.

Talking to showbiz pals on the Chris Moyles Show and guests Dominic Byrne and Pippa Taylor, Jimmy confessed: “I’ve had a midlife crisis. I’ve had a lot of work done, I quite like it!”

Jimmy looks quite different compared to his younger years


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Jimmy poses for Celebrity Investigator shoot earlier this year

He added: “I think it’s that thing of being on tele that makes you a bit vain, I think there’s a bit of vanity to performers anyway, and then you end up going “well I’ll dye my hair a little bit because I don’t want to end up telling people it’s platinum blonde when it’s clearly grey. I don’t want to be like that old guy.”

And 49-year-old Jimmy’s refreshingly honest approach to his altering looks was delivered with his usual witty sense of humour as he went on to quip about taking Botox to the ‘extreme.’

“I think the teeth was the first thing. I really buy into, it’s like a slippery slope, I got my teeth fixed, and then I went “oh what else can I get done?”

The comedy king on stage in Newcastle last summer


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“Then I went overboard on the Botox. For about two years I couldn’t move my forehead there was no surprise at all. I’m like in an arms war with Katherine Ryan.

“We’re both competing, we’re going to end up looking like Joan Rivers both of us.”

But the comedy king was probed by his pals to discuss his staggering 16 hair transplant for which show host Chris Moyles surmised: “So the work is done, so when it comes to the hair, they take it out the back, they put it in the front or the top and that’s it. It’s done. “

Jimmy added: ”Yeah you don’t have to do anything, it’s all done.

He continued: “I also think it’s quite nice to talk about as a man because you sort of go, so many people get it and then deny it, there are so many men in Hollywood, there are so many Hollywood leading men who have had a hair transplant that I know and they go “no no I don’t know what you’re talking about…I just cut it…no no no” Really? We’ve seen pictures of you!

Meanwhile the star says he’s thrilled to become a father after he ‘thought he’d left it too late’ with long-term relationship with his partner, Karoline Copping, since 2001.

Jimmy with long-term partner Karoline Copping in 2017


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Jimmy recently became a father for the first time


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And he couldn’t resist carrying on the hair jibes and quipped: “And he doesn’t know that he’s a hair donor, but that is why I had him. I’m hoping to harvest more, I’ll have a blonde quiff on the top!

But his biggest role yet is off stage as he is embracing fatherhood as he gushes out an old saying which sums up how he feels adding: “It’s like having a medical procedure where your heart now lives outside your body.”

And the stand-up star will now have a new repertoire of material when he hits the stage and the audience aren’t letting him off lightly.

He added: “I was doing some warmup dates and I was a bit worried, I’m a bit softer now and I’ve got something to care about, maybe it will take the edge off a little, and did the gig and nope. Brutal. Even my audience were like ‘wow man…alright’.

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