Cody Simpson reflects on dating his ‘first girlfriend’ Kylie Jenner at age 15

Cody Simpson has dated a string of high-profile women, including Miley Cyrus, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Thorne, but the Australian musician revealed his first love was the billionaire beauty mogul Kylie Jenner

Cody Simpson began dating Kylie Jenner in 2011, and they split two years later
Cody Simpson began dating Kylie Jenner in 2011, and they split two years later

Cody Simpson has reflected on dating his ‘first girlfriend’ Kylie Jenner when they were teenagers.

The Australian musician has dated a string of famous women, including Miley Cyrus, supermodel Gigi Hadid and actress Bella Thorne, but his first-ever relationship was with the billionaire beauty mogul.

Cody, 25, revealed he met Kylie when he was starting out as a singer in Los Angeles in 2011, and he even met Kanye West, who was dating Kylie’s older sister Kim Kardashian at the time.

In an interview with Fitzy & Wippa, the budding Olympic swimmer said he and Kylie dated when he was just 15, and their romance came to an end in 2013.

Cody and Kylie began dating in 2011



“My very first girlfriend was Kylie. And so at the time [Kanye] was with Kim [Kardashian, Kylie’s older half-sister], you know,” he said.

“So I ended up going to a dinner in New York and sitting next to him. I was, you know, 15 at that time. I’m sitting next to Kanye at this dinner. You know, he’s really nice,” Cody explained.

He said the Gold Digger rapper was “quite intimidating when he’s not smiling”, but “smiles really quick” to put his companions at ease.

He split form model Marloes Stevens in January


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“So he’s doing that and then he had those grills and he was telling me how he got his grills and that I should get grills,” he said.

“He was friendly as and I was quite surprised at how normal it all was but yeah, I mean, as a young kid, then it was nuts,” Cody added.

Cody has recently split from Belgian-American model Marloes Stevens, and also romanced Miley Cyrus in a high-profile relationship which they began in 2019, just two months after her split from husband Liam Hemsworth.

The swimmer also dated Miley Cyrus



He also spoke about his career as a swimmer in the interview, and said he’d been able to focus more since moving back to Australia.

“It’s been a little bit more mellow since coming home [to Australia]. And it’s hard with training to do too, you know, to deal with that. You know, especially if you’re trying to see someone that doesn’t do or doesn’t understand,” Cody said, hinting at his split from Marloes.

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