Disney releases hip hop remixes of classic tracks with ‘chill new vibe’

Disney has released a new album of some of the movies’ biggest hits with a new lofi take. Songs include Hakuna Matata and You’ve Got A Friend in Me

Disney has released a new album
Disney has released a new album

Disney has reimagined a host of its classic songs from hit films such as The Lion King, Toy Story and Aladdin for an album of lofi hip hop.

Fan favourites such as Hakuna Matata, You’ve Got A Friend in Me and A Whole New World are among the tunes to have been remixed to provide what the company is calling a “chill new vibe”.

The new album titled Lofi Minnie: Focus contains a selection of Minnie Mouse’s favourite hits from over the years as the Disney archive is reinvigorated in a new format designed for studying, creating or relaxing.

Disney called Minnie and lofi’s music a “perfect match” thanks to the cartoon mouse’s interest in wellness and creativity.

Lofi artists including Purrple Cat, Epona and Eevee are among those to have contributed to the impressive 10-song record.

Lion King hits are among those to be remixed


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The Lofi genre is relatively new to the scene, emerging in the last decade. Its name refers to “low fidelity” music and has roots in hip hop, jazz and house.

Normally, the songs are instrumental and offer up a tempo of under 90 beats per minute.

The style initially gained traction among listeners on YouTube before growing over recent years.

The album also brings a new style to versions of several other hits including Into the Unknown from Frozen 2, Go the Distance from Hercules and How Far I’ll Go from Moana.

Disney said in a statement: “Disney and Minnie Mouse are a natural fit with lofi, especially with Minnie’s interests in creativity, music and wellness leaning into lofi’s penchant for self-expression and its calming meditative properties.

“Minnie Mouse is one of Disney’s most celebrated icons globally, so who better to represent an album full of Disney hits? We can’t wait to give listeners the ability to peek into Minnie’s world and have her accompany their daily tasks.

The album includes a selection of Minnie Mouse’s favourite hits


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“What attracted us to lofi is the ability to reimagine our songs in a completely new way that combines the soothing benefits of lofi with the wonder and nostalgia that Disney has to offer.”

The company concluded saying: ““Lofi and Disney are both a great source of comfort, so the two make for a perfect match.”

The album Lofi Minnie: Focus is out now.

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