Faye Winter opens up about the dark realities of life after Love Island

Former lettings manager Faye Winter rose to fame on Love Island 2021 where she met boyfriend Teddy Soares, and she admits that life after the show isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be

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Faye Winter says she ‘looks like road kill’ with puffy eyes

Faye Winter has admitted that life after Love Island isn’t as amazing as some people might think.

The 26-year-old, who was a lettings agent before appearing on the show last year, shared the dark realities of what life is like after finding fame on the ITV2 dating show.

While Faye is blissfully happy in her new life with boyfriend Teddy Soares, who she met on the show, she wants people to know that there’s no such thing as ‘perfect’.

Her revelation came after she invited fans to “catch up” with her by asking some questions.

One delved straight in with: “How has it been going after love island”?

Faye was on Love Island last year



Faye said in her honest answer: “Overall it’s amazing! And luckily I have the most incredible man in the whole wide world to enjoy this new world with!

“But don’t let anyone fool you into thinking it’s easy. Take me, I lived a life I loved, in a place I loved, surrounded by people I loved, a career I worked my ass off to get, in a male dominated industry and I adored it with incredible colleagues and routine, volunteering and enjoying life.

“No we have no routine in a completely different area trying to get to grips with everything, trying to make sure we don’t get things wrong or upset anyone whilst being judged for everything, with no friends or family around the corner.

“I’m far from complaining as the opportunities are dreams and my life now is beautiful but again just want everyone to know instagram isn’t reality and perfection is a myth”.

Faye dished on what life after the show is really like



Faye asked her fans to quiz her



Another fan praised her, saying: “Love that you are showing reality. It’s hard being a woman in todays society” [sic]

Faye replied: “Is it hard being a woman in todays society is society making it hard to be a woman? [sic]

“Strong women are all around us in different forms

“I’m just strong cause society will never make me believe I’m a bad person or that perfect exists”.

While one curious fan asked Faye to share her five-year plan.

The reality star wrote: “My 5 year plan is to make sure I never have a 5 year plan. Be happy, live your life and enjoy it.

Faye with boyfriend Teddy in their new home



“Saying that, in 5 years I best still be around annoying the sh*t outta you lot”.

Taking other questions from her fans, Faye was asked what her first job was.

She revealed: “My first ever full time job was with @volkswagen I am a bit of a nerd with cars. 5 year old Faye used to play guess the car with Daddy Winter.”

And when asked for her tips on self confidence and self love, Faye dished: “My confidence comes from learning to love every insecurity of mine and as long as I’m happy and not hurting anyone then who’s to judge me.

“I’ve learnt to love my freckly skin, spots and wonky toes by laughing at them, yet loving them anyway. They make me laugh and also make me realise I’m human, I’m not airbrushed, and I’m certainly not perfect, perfect in a person or in real life situations aren’t possible and we always need to remember that!”

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