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Heather CM Rogers

Managing Partner, Davidson Fink LLP

Years in current role: 2.5

What do you enjoy most about practicing real estate law?

I like the generally collaborative nature of real estate law. Though you may be on opposite sides of a deal, most of the time everyone is working toward the same goal — to close the deal/complete the transaction.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve dealt with over the past year?

Unfortunately, my answer is probably the same as most and that is managing through the pandemic. In addition to that, we just recently completed a move of our office from a space that it had been in for about 50 years.

What do you see as the biggest changes in real estate law in the next 3-5 years?

I am a huge proponent of going digital, so I am hopeful that real estate transactions can become paperless to a much greater degree than they are now. The final passage of the electronic notary act will help and frankly, the pandemic forced the court system, clerks’ offices and practitioners alike to become more flexible and efficient. Real estate, however, is one of the last areas of law that we still produce stacks of paper to be signed.

What community organizations do you support as a volunteer and why?

Our firm is a big supporter of Habitat for Humanity and I have participated in some builds for them. We think the organization is amazing for the community and has done fantastic things to revitalize Rochester and its neighborhoods while empowering new homeowners.

I have also been actively involved in the Real Property Section of the NYSBA for 15-plus years, where I have served on the Executive Committee, holding numerous positions including Chair. It’s important for attorneys to give back — to support young attorneys; to be an educator to legislators and other attorneys; and to have a voice in carving the legal and practical aspects of the practice area (Real Estate).

What is one personal goal you have for the next year?

Having lost over 55 pounds recently, my goal is to take my health/wellness to the next level by improving my fitness. I’d like to hike some more Adirondack Peaks and run a 5K without passing out.

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