Inside Casey Batchelor’s hectic life with three kids under four and high-flying business

Casey Batchelor has certainly got her hands full with three daughters under the age of four.

But she also manages to run her own high-flying business that’s helped people lose over 400 stone at the same time.

Now that the model and former Celebrity Big Brother star is launching new content on her Yoga Blitz app, she’s opened up about how she manages to juggle her hectic family life with her successful company.

Casey, 37, shares daughters Florence, three, Sadie, two, and Daisy, seven months, with fiancé Dane Goodson, who himself is a businessman.

While juggling her hectic family life, Casey has managed to rack up almost 300 hours of studying to become a qualified yoga teacher, which she’s turned into a hit workout app that’s helped her lose 9 stone herself.

Casey has lost a total of 9st with her yoga app



Casey after giving birth to her third child

And during an exclusive chat with the Mirror as she launched a string of new content after dropping two and a half stone following her third pregnancy, Casey opened up about how she does it all.

“I’m not gonna lie, it is tough,” she confessed.

“Going from one to two I think was harder in the respect of it was a shock to the system. I thought I was busy with one but it was so much harder.

“Going from two to three wasn’t as big of a shock but it’s harder because all three are so young in age and all really rely on me.

“So like, Florence is toilet training and she’ll be telling me she needs a wee, and Sadie is at the stage where she’s climbing on everything and Daisy has bottles every three to four hours so I literally don’t have a minute spare in the day – I don’t have time to go to the toilet.

Casey is a busy mum of three



“I just don’t stop all day long, and on top of that there’s all the washing, sorting out play groups and nursery, looking at schools, and then there’s my work on top of that and the housework and Dane as well – I do not stop, it’s manic but I love it at the same time.”

Casey joked that the secret to her success was the fact that she barely has time to sleep, sneaking in work here and there whenever she gets the chance.

“I do all the night feeds and everything like that, but out of choice because Dane has a successful business and obviously I work too but I can do it from home,” she explained.

“So with all three girls it’s like Russian Roulette every night waiting to see which one wakes me up.

“And then I’m up doing my company and Instagram, getting the girls ready for school, cooking the dinner and getting everything done.”

Casey has a nanny three days a week to help her out, but not one that she leaves in sole charge of her kids – joking that the three of them are too much of a handful for one person.

Casey and fiancé Dane Goodson haven’t ruled out more children



She’s studied yoga for hundreds of hours



She said: “If you’re feeding Daisy a bottle and Sadie’s climbing up the telly and Flo needs a wee wee you can’t deal, it’s impossible.

“I just need that extra pair of hands, and also so I can get my work done.

“People go to the office and get their work done but I have to dip in and out of it during the day when I can.”

Despite being kept so busy, Casey says she’s glad her “girl gang” are so close in age.

And while they still argue from time to time like all siblings, Casey says their beautiful friendship melts her heart.

Casey loves her little family, and says that she and Dane are currently undecided about whether or not to add to their brood.

She mixes yoga with high intensity training

She looks incredible



While she says they’d both love a little boy one day, they keep changing their mind about when to try for baby number four.

She said: “One minute we’re saying let’s go for another one then we’re not, but I think I’m ready to get some sleep now.

“I feel like I’ve been pregnant for practically the whole of my 30s so I feel like I need to have a break now.”

And of course, pregnancy has played a huge part in the success of Casey’s business, with her studying and passing on her knowledge of pregnancy yoga.

Using the exercise regime and diet plan available through her app, Casey lost four and a half stone after welcoming Florence, two and a half stone after giving birth to Sadie and another 2st after Daisy was born – totalling a whopping 9st loss.

She said: “It just works for me and it’s not just for me obviously.

“From what we know – because not every sends in their transformation – it’s over 400 stone that we’ve helped people lose.

Casey certainly has her hands full



“It makes me so proud.”

She added: “It’s not just the weight loss though, I’ve had women message me saying it’s helped them mentally and saying they never liked exercise before but now they love it.

“It’s a mix of yoga with high intensity which gets the fat and calories burning but the yoga moves are great for calming the mind and soul, so combining the two together you’re getting best of both worlds.

“It’s really good for the brain and calming the mind, it’s really good for you mentally but has so many health benefits.

“It’s not about how you look, it’s about building your confidence and how you feel.”

Casey’s app is now in its fourth year, with the results of people using it speaking volumes.

And Casey thinks the fact that she’s studied yoga so closely sets hers apart from other celebrity endorsed programmes.

Casey with baby Daisy



Casey when she was pregnant with Daisy

“I’ve done the qualification and hundreds of hours of training, learning about anatomy and philosophy,” she explained.

“Because it’s mine and I know what I’m doing, it’s more of a passion for me.”

Casey says yoga will always be part of her life, and she’s now looking to expand on her app by getting a life coach qualification too.

She said: “I got a lot of people messaging me to ask for help because they feel depressed and need motivation so I’m always messaging people and motivating them.

“I try to reply to people on my page and in my DMs as much as I can to help inspire them so I wanted to look into life coaching and expanding Yoga Blitz with that wellbeing programme.”

Yoga Blitz also offers meditation exercises and a diet plan.

Casey’s Yoga Blitz with multiple plans is available now priced at £29.99 for 3 months access. To sign up go to www.yogablitz.com

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