Inside Ore Oduba’s weekend on tour: Rocky Horror, pancake brunch and calls to home

Former Strictly Come Dancing winner Ore Oduba opens up to the Sunday Mirror’s Notebook magazine about how he spends a typical weekend while on tour with The Rocky Horror Show

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Ore Oduba opens up about his young son and family life in April

I’m currently on tour with the Rocky Horror Show, so I’ll get to the theatre on a Friday at about 3pm and warm up.

Then I’ll head to the dressing room and put on Radio 2. I always have music on because you find yourself in these contained spaces with no natural light, and music reminds me that the weekend is beginning.

Then I’ll be in hair and make-up getting ready for the show at 7.30pm. It’s like a rock concert every night, but there’s something about the weekends when you get the feeling that people are really ready to let their hair down.

Saturday is brunch day, I am a sucker for a maple pancake and bacon, sausage on the side – my three-year-old son Roman likes pancakes, too.

He’s currently starring as Brad in Rocky Horror

I wake up at around 8.30am on the weekend so I can check in on the kids at home. The lovely thing about the show being in the evening is that, more often than not, you get the day for yourself.

We’ve been to Hull, Leeds, Harrogate, we’ve seen some amazing and beautiful places. There’s so much to look at and there’s great food. I feel very lucky that we get to see and do lots of things.

But when I’m not on tour, weekends are all about my kids – Roman and my two-month-old daughter Genie.

Roman likes to go on “adventures”, which could just be going to the supermarket, but everything is an adventure with him and we have to make sure we’re back in time to get the kids in bed before Strictly. We like getting a glass of something fizzy and a naughty meal.

My wife Portia and I love our nights in. We have to force ourselves to have a night out and even when we do make it out, we like to be home by 9.30pm so it’s dessert in a doggy bag.

Sunday is chores and movie day. Roman is really into Frozen at the moment, so he’ll watch that with some popcorn and we have a nap.

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