James Martin reveals the ‘horrendous’ ingredient he would ban from cooking forever

TV chef James Martin compared margarine to plastic and the self-confessed butter lover says the ingredient is so bad that he urged supermarkets to stop selling it altogether

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James Martin promotes his new book ‘Butter’ in September

James Martin believes the UK deserves much butter – and has called for margarine to be banned.

The TV chef says he hates it so much that he wants it taken off supermarket shelves for good.

James admits he is a big butter love but says it’s not just the rivalry which makes him turn his nose up at the fridge filler.

The 49-year-old, who adores the diary product so much he wrote a book about it, spoke to Express.co.uk about his hatred of the ingredient many use in the place of butter.

He blames the lack of cooks in Britain compared to Italy, France and Spain and says they would never tolerate margarine in their food.

The TV chef’s love of butter started when his mum let him make his own packed lunches


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He fumed: “Margarine should be banned. It’s the ready-made food, it’s the packet food, the hidden salt, hidden fat.

“It’s dreadful, dreadful stuff – it’s two elements away from plastic, it’s horrendous stuff.

“I’m a farmer’s kid. We’ve always had full-fat milk, butter, and cream. And that’s what we had. There wasn’t such a thing as semi-skimmed milk in our house.”

“That’s the problem in this country. It’s not the butter in a butter block or butter you put on your toast. It’s the fact that not as many people cook in the UK as they do in France or Italy or Spain.”

James can’t believe people don’t pick butter



James returned to social media last year after deciding in 2020 that the abuse just wasn’t worth it.

He became the target of cruel online messages after technical difficulties hampered an online cook-a-long he hosted during lockdown.

It was too much for him but has now logged on again after taking time away.

James wrote before he quit: “Having seen some of the comments posted online regarding last night’s cook along and the anger towards me given the technical issues that the production team were having.

He has called for action – and wants it banned


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“I would like to apologise again for this and I will be chasing up with Live Nation, the production company, IT team and all the people they hired, to find out the problem.

“Having said that, this is small comfort to some of you online who are quite rightly angry at me. I promise I will be speaking to them tomorrow, I wasn’t involved in the IT side of things and know little about it but I will get all the issues raised and sorted as much as I possibly can immediately.”

The star added: “It’s unfortunate they didn’t use my team that makes the Saturday show to do this but, as you can imagine, it was all out of my hands.

“To the rest of you who had a good night, thank you but due to the large amount of vile comments posted directly towards me, this will be my last post as I will be taking a break from posting personally and all social media for the foreseeable future.”

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