Kate Lawler sticks two sanitary towels together after forgetting facemask

Mum-of-one Kate Lawler had fans in hysterics when she shared a video of her using two sanitary towels as a facemask saying it was ‘this or Omicron’

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Kate Lawler uses a sanitary towel as a face mask

Kate Lawler proved how resourceful she was when she fashioned a facemask out of two sanitary towels.

The mum-of-one, 41, shared the hysterical video of her wearing the makeshift face-covering on a train after forgetting to bring her mask.

Looking nonchalantly at the camera wearing a black parka coat with yellow fur hood she said: “Forgot my facemask but found two sanitary towels in my backpack.

“Don’t judge. It’s this or Omicron.”

Kate continued in the caption: “If you’d have told me in January 2020 that in two years from now, I’d stick two sanitary towels on my face to create a makeshift mask while on the train, I’d have thought you were drunk.”

She warned people not to ‘politicise’ the post

The post went down a storm with the Virgin Radio DJ’s followers with reality regular Lauren Pope leaving a string of laughing emojis.

Meanwhile Big Brother star Narinder Kaur quipped: “I just died. Stick your coat over your mouth?”

However Kate’s post also carried a stern message in which she warned her followers she was ‘deleting and blocking’ anyone who attempted to ‘politicise’ her video.

She added: “Thanks to everyone who continues to wear a mask to protect the most vulnerable and elderly people in our society.

“You’re good people.”

Kate and fiance Martin have one daughter together



Kate’s post came shortly after she told fans she wasn’t “feeling herself” after the birth of her daughter Noa.

Sharing a picture of herself alongside her fiance Martin Bojtos, last year she wrote: “I’m sorry for not posting for a while.

“When I’m not feeling myself, it’s better if I don’t do stories. Thank you so much all your messages, I’m okay.”

Kate has spoken candidly about the struggle of parenting.

In October she admitted she couldn’t wait for her little girl to grow up, revealing she hates “some of the day-to-day slog of parenting”.

Speaking after a particularly gruelling train journey, which was “hotter than the seventh circle of hell”, Kate said: “She screamed and cried until I gave up trying and then caused mischief for all but the last leg of the ride.

“I’m trying hard to do all the things I see other new parents doing but in this instance, I just felt stressed and tired most of the trip.

Kate Lawler gave hope to other struggling mums as she shared details of her weekend away

“And I know I’ll get hate for this but I’m just being honest.

“So many Mums say ‘don’t wish away these early days’ and ‘if you think THIS bit’s hard just wait til they’re a toddler’.

“But I actually can’t wait until she’s old enough to talk, walk on to a train, eat a sandwich, read a book or magazine and wipe her own bum,” Kate confessed.

Speaking to women who may have been feeling similar to her, Kate said: “If you’re on the same page, I see you. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our kids any less it just means we’re human.”

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