Kerry Katona totally unrecognisable make-up free ahead of panto stint

Kerry Katona has gone make-up free on her Instagram page as well as showing off her roots while she gets ready for pantomime season

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Kerry Katona says she’s ‘miserable because I feel so big’

Kerry Katona, 41 has gone make-up free ahead of her panto stint as she shows off her roots in Instagram snap.

The star posted a series of selfies to her social media showing off her makeup free skin as well as her natural hair colour.

The singer smiled from ear to ear as she explained she was in rehearsals for panto.

She said she was giving her hair a break from dye and extensions as she tried to decide what colour she should dye it next.

Kerry pointed out her grey hairs that were barely even noticeable in the snaps as she thought about going purple again.

She wrote alongside: “Good morning you beautiful people….so I’m in rehearsals for panto and thought I’d give my hair a break from the Extensions and colour!! But I just can’t cope!! Omg look at how dark my natural hair colour is not to mention all the bloody Grey hairs!!!

“I’m not really one for wearing make up unless going somewhere or doing TV as it feels so good to give your face a break and let your skin breath!!”

Kerry Katona has shown off her more natural look



She’s getting ready for panto season



She then went on to ask her 783k followers for hair advice.

She added: “Mmmm forgot what the point of this post was now… oh yeah, I’ve got loads of grey hairs and want my extensions back in @thestyle_loungeae_ but do I keep it purple which I just love! I like being that little bit different OR do I go back blonde????

“OR do I just leave it till after panto to let it heal and see how it looks next year?????????? HELP”

Fans were torn as to whether Kerry should go back to purple hair or if she should try a more natural look next, with some opting for the star to try a blonde look.

One follower wrote: “Blonde first then if u get board again change 2 purple,” as another argued: “Just be natural babe x”

A third said: “Love these pics! Def go back blonde, we have more fun!”

A fourth fan commented: “Purple is beautiful but maybe a rest.”

While another took to the comments to say: “Go for hi lights and let the grey come through obvs xxx” as one added: “Loving the natural look however love your hair blonde xxx”

She recently opened up about being snubbed from the Atomic Kitten tour



Kerry can’t decide what colour to dye her hair



Kerry recently admitted that she was ‘gutted’ to have been snubbed from the Atomic Kitten reunion tour next year.

The model said she didn’t understand why she wouldn’t be invited because there’s no ‘bad blood’ between them.

She revealed she wasn’t asked to be involved but doesn’t know why they don’t keep in touch.

The star told New! : “I saw that Atomic Kitten are reuniting for a tour next year because there were a few articles in the press saying that I’d been snubbed.

“I wasn’t asked to be involved in it and I can’t lie, I’m absolutely devastated. I do feel gutted about it.”

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