Kym Marsh’s frustration as only a ‘few dozen’ tickets sold for Fatal Attraction play

Former Coronation Street star Kym Marsh is set to star in a racy stage adaption of Fatal Attraction alongside Oliver Farnworth, but tickets are not selling due to Covid

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Kym Marsh returns to Morning Live after long break in October

Kym Marsh has been working incredibly hard over the past couple of months in preparation for her starring role in Brighton’s Theatre Royal version of Fatal Attraction.

But the former Coronation Street actress has been left bitterly disappointed as the hotly-anticipated show has failed to sell tickets due to soaring Covid cases.

The 45-year-old actress is set to play Alex Forrest in the theatre adaption of the famous flick, but sadly, organisers have admitted that it’s a ‘crying shame’ that not enough people will get to see Kym in action on stage.

While they were expecting to sell out, tickets are still very much available as event-goers opt to stay at home instead of heading to the theatre amid the new Omnicron variant of Covid-19.

Kym will reunite with fellow Coronation Street actor Oliver Farnworth

Only a few dozen tickets have been sold for the opening night on January 14, according to The Sun.

Sadly, it’s the same story at the seven other venues which are also due to stage the play next year.

“This is a crying shame because Kym came into this expecting to be playing to big audiences,” a theatre source told.

“But now people are just so nervous over Covid that they are not looking to purchase theatre tickets.”

Kym has been working hard in the gym to prepare for the racy scenes

Kym will reunite with fellow Coronation Street actor Oliver Farnworth, who is set to play married lawyer, Dan Gallagher in the stage adaption of Fatal Attraction.

The iconic flick was one of the biggest-grossing movies of the 1980s as Michael Douglas’ Dan Gallagher learned the consequences of having an affair.

Earlier this month, Kym revealed that she underwent extra preparations for the ‘racy’ moments in the play.

Kym confessed she has been working out to achieve her ideal shape.

Kym confessed she has been working out to achieve her ideal shape


Matthew Pover)

She explained: “There is one particularly racy scene, and I must admit that’s a bit daunting. I’ve never had to do intimate scenes like that, so this is all a very new thing for me.

“Once I got told I was doing it, I was like, ‘Nobody needs to see this body right now’.

“I’m 45, I’ve had four children and I’ve not had an easy year with my fitness — it had to go on the back burner,” she told The Sun.

She went on: “I’m not going to be totally naked, but it’s still baring more flesh than you may want to in front of hundreds of people in a theatre every night. I just need to feel confident doing it, so I’m working hard at the gym to try to get in shape.”

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