Michael Owen ‘dreading’ seeing daughter Gemma on Love Island after she promised to behave

Former England striker Michael Owen has admitted that he’s living every father’s ‘worst nightmare’ as his teenage daughter Gemma prepares to make her Love Island debut on Monday

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Love Island: Meet Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma

Michael Owen says he is living every father’s ‘worst nightmare’ as his teenage daughter, Gemma, prepares to make her debut on Love Island.

The former England striker, 42, made the admission after his gorgeous daughter Gemma, 19, confessed that her famous dad isn’t ‘buzzing’ about her living in the villa with an array of strapping young men.

The football legend said on ITV News on Thursday: “I have no doubts that she will make us all proud. It’s probably a father’s worst nightmare, but whatever she wants to do you’ve got to be supportive. I’ve heard a lot about it.

Speaking for the first time since the reveal, Michael, 42, said he hasn’t ever seen the show but his ‘sensible’ dressage rider daughter has assured him ‘it’s not as bad as you think’.

Gemma has vowed that she would never do anything to embarrass her family

“I think old, grumpy men like me will always have an opinion on it because I don’t watch it and you just hear snippets, but she assures me it’s not as bad as I think,” Michael added.

“It’s quite a big thing and whatever she wants to do, you have to be supportive and I think I’ve given her a decent enough grounding to be respectful”.

Brunette bombshell Gemma previously admitted her footballer father wasn’t that happy that she had decided to enter the ITV2 dating show.

Gemma will make her Love Island debut on Monday



The brunette bombshell has admitted that she won’t be having sex while in the villa



Lifting the lid on her dad’s initial reaction to the news, Gemma told The Mirror: “I still wouldn’t say he was buzzing about the fact, but he is very supportive in whatever I decide to do so he didn’t have a massive tantrum or anything like that. He was pretty chilled.

“My mum and dad trust me not to do anything to embarrass them, so I don’t think I would have sex in the villa.”

Gemma says she won’t be hiding her famous family from her fellow Islanders while in the villa, but she also insists she won’t be bragging about it.

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