Police approach schools on assaults

With school assaults seemingly on the rise among students, the topic was brought up at the most recent Strathroy-Caradoc police board meeting Dec. 21.

Coun. John Brennan asked if the rise in arrests and charges was due to any change in approach from high school administration in contacting police instead of dealing with it more themselves, as was traditionally how much of school violence was dealt with.

Deputy Chief Paul Landers said Strathroy police became aware of both consensual fights and assaults going viral online. That is when police approached the schools.

School administration agreed any assault would be dealt with police.

“We will look into these matters, investigate these matters, and charge if there’s a charge required,” said Landers.

The deputy chief nodded in agreement when Coun. Brennan suggested it could be that violence is not up compared to years past, rather just more public than when it was mostly dealt with by school administrations.

The grants applied for by Strathroy-Caradoc police were also brought up at the meeting. One was for local priorities including expanding the mobile crisis rapid response team, and the community safety and policing grant for following up on areas like human trafficking, guns and gangs.

The grant applications are due Jan. 14.

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