Sarah Jessica Parker praises And Just Like That fan for spotting outfit detail

Sarah Jessica Parker was left very impressed by an eagle-eyed And Just Like That fan who noticed a small detail about her outfit during the third episode of the Sex and the City follow-up

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And Just Like That: New HBO Max trailer released

Sarah Jessica Parker took time out to praise a fan who was the first to notice a small detail about her outfit in the third episode of the Sex and the City follow-up And Just Like That.

The actress was left impressed when a viewer spotted Carrie Bradshaw holding her iconic purple Fendi Baguette in last week’s episode.

The bag was also featured in a pivotal scene in the Season three episode What Goes Around Comes Around, which aired back in October 2000.

Evan Ross Katz, who is clearly a huge fan of the HBO series, posted a photo from the original episode along with a photo from last week’s on Instagram which definitely impressed Parker.

He wrote: “It’s all in the details! Twenty-one years after Carrie was mugged on Jersey Street in Soho (“Give me your bag.” “What?” “Your bag.” “It’s a baguette.”), her iconic purple sequined Fendi Autumn/Winter 1999-2000 baguette re-emerged in the latest episode of And Just Like That, signifying Carrie’s return home.”

Carrie’s iconic bag was stolen 20 years ago

Parker replied: “Man you are good!!! X”

The original episode featured a robber trying to take Carrie’s bag, telling her to give it to him but she replied: “It’s a baguette.”

Despite not knowing if it’s definitely the original bag, Parker appeared on 2019 video where Fendi brought back the baguette, saying her iconic phrase, ‘Oh it’s not a bag, it’s a baguette’.

Another return to the past series occurs when Natasha Naginsky, played by Bridget Moynihan appears to collect her money from Mr Big’s (Chris Noth) will.

They crossed paths just before Carrie’s baguette was stolen following Natasha catching Mr. Big having an affair with Carrie.

Mr Big had left Natasha £1m in his will after he died in the premier of the new series.

He died after having a heart attack on a Peloton bike which then caused sales of the exercise bikes to drop after the episode was released.

Sarah Jessica Parker was impressed by the super fan

However, the brand hit back by releasing a funny advert which was voiced by Ryan Reynolds, shedding some light on the situation.

Original characters return such as Kristin Davis as Charlotte York and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes.

The late Willie Garson, who was also an original character, filmed three episodes as Stanford Blatch before he passed away.

New characters played by Sara Ramirez, Nicole Ari Parker, Karen Pittman and Sarita Choudhury also make their debut.

Parker recently revealed that she felt ‘responsible’ for Willie’s health while they were filming the new series.

Some of the original characters return

The 56 year old told Vulture she knew he was unwell when filming and he wanted to keep that private.

She said: “I knew before we started shooting that Willie was sick. He asked me to keep that confidential, and I honoured that.”

But she found it difficult on set knowing that he was dying from pancreatic cancer.

Parker added: “We were a vaccine-mandated show, but nonetheless, a lot of our scenes were with a lot of background players, and I had great concerns about Willie staying as healthy as he could while shooting.”

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