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SOGo logo (45 pix) Versie 5.6.0 van SOGo is kort geleden uitgekomen. Scalable maakt gebruik van de broncode van en richt zich op het delen van agenda’s, contactpersonen en e-mails. Daarnaast is het volgens de ontwikkelaars goed schaalbaar en kan het via een webinterface worden aangesproken. Verder worden aangepaste versies van Mozilla Thunderbird en Lightning meegeleverd als client. Er kunnen ook andere clients worden gebruikt, zoals Microsoft Outlook, of mobiele apparaten zoals een BlackBerry. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we naar deze pagina, waar de documentatie te vinden is. In deze uitgave zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

New Features

  • calendar: optionally remove attendees that can’t be invited (048858b, 4e5c865)
  • calendar: search for past events and tasks (2f725a3), closes #5441
  • mail(web): forward multiple messages as attachments (c476503), closes #33
  • mail(web): Templates folder for pre-defined drafts (21dc73d, c986422), closes #4320 #5363
  • mail: always forward incoming messages, before all filters (8ed4fc8)

Bug Fixes

  • acls: fix SQL conversion for LIKE operator to find groups (3140a9d), closes #5492
  • addressbook(dav): add support for mail property in addressbook-query (8409c3c), closes #5489
  • addressbook(dav): improve handling of addressbook-query (1545bcd, 7faab91)
  • addressbook(js): unselect current card on delete (547d26a)
  • addressbook(web): update card on save when certificate is removed (c7ee4d8)
  • addressbook: allow search on name fields in personal addressbooks (700d726)
  • addressbook: close DB connection after LDIF import (a5b85d7), closes #5507
  • addressbook: handle LDIF file with a single contact when importing (969cfd3)
  • addressbook: keep folders order in matching contacts (ec7199e)
  • addressbook: preload cards when creating list from selection (44afac0)
  • calendar(dav): prevent duplicates in PUT (c348ca2, e417c0b)
  • calendar(js): adjust line of the current time to user’s timezone (1b3b9c2), closes #5512
  • calendar: fix yearly recurrence calculator with a finite rule (8fccd23), closes #5506
  • calendar: rely on organizer’s event state before updating attendee (fbd2eb8), closes #5496
  • calendar: send modification notifications for tasks (8a3cb76)
  • calendar: set missing RSVP parameter to TRUE for attendees (2676aa9)
  • calendar: update calendar of all attendees when active user is not owner (dae6d6d)
  • calendar: update quick table when removing all categories of task (3f93e6e)
  • core: encode reserved HTML characters in RTF parser (6d50dee), closes #5388
  • core: improve escaping of double-quotes (a5d18bf), closes #5351
  • dav: use utf-8 as charset name instead of utf8 (b37e68b), closes #5495
  • eas: improve error logging (a0f6842)
  • imap: use proxy authentication to detect IMAP delimiter (a98b404), closes #5479
  • mail(js): expect the recipient to become a string when saving a message (b252aeb)
  • mail(js): handle new message from template in popup window (6c42086)
  • mail(js): improve scrolling of list when moving with arrows keys (b198c84)
  • mail(js): improve signature replacement when switching identities (d90e29e)
  • mail(js): map the NSLocale to the proper CKEditor locale (7c0592e)
  • mail(js): parse all parameters of mailto: link (fa598e8), closes #5478
  • mail(js): perform a full fetch when in unseen/flagged mode (c8ce3f1)
  • mail(js): show the recipient when in the Drafts mailbox (10076be)
  • mail(js): use different email separator keys depending on locale (c2eed78), closes #3513 #4042 #5308 #5309
  • mail(web): display emails extracted from smime certificate (96d00b7), closes #5440
  • mail: add subject and date to file names of exported messages (f32c3d7)
  • mail: avoid exception when accessing signed/encrypted body parts (c6a41d3)
  • mail: case insensitve check of sender address with certificate (31da2d9)
  • mail: check return value of “setacl” IMAP command (55baeb1)
  • mail: don’t add signature unless a default identity is forced (d63fd6c)
  • mail: ensure is at the end of the document prior parsing (a09cf58), closes #5477
  • mail: fix type of SOGoMailComposeFontSize defaults (3847b57)
  • mail: force TNEF body parts to be decoded in UTF-8 (2cf77b6)
  • mail: identify junk mailbox in lookup (557ff59, 63ad7aa, fe038bb), closes #5482
  • mail: improve error loging when encrypting/decrypting a msg (4b95641)
  • mail: improve error loging when signing a message (53354c5)
  • mail: mark deleted messages as seen (090c1ea)
  • mail: remove signature prior to sign the message (bd5a5e3)
  • preferences(js): don’t check Sieve capabilities if Mail module disabled (80b0d99)
  • preferences(js): don’t check Sieve script if Mail module disabled (a1d74a8)
  • preferences: don’t save Sieve script if Mail module disabled (401a800, d097193)
  • preferences: fix compilation warning (a74cf05, 1e52e18)
  • web(js): show toast when fetching a folder ACLs fails (87b1c8e)
  • web: support passwords up to 2048 characters (a965f27), closes #5485
  • web: update parameters of meta tag for robots (b35a10a), closes #4930


  • mail: perform IMAP STATUS command to fetch unseen msgs count (0e20bbc)


See the closed tickets for this release and the complete change log.

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