The sounds of Jingle Bell Rock rings out in Prince Rupert

The 10th annual Jingle Bell Rock Concert celebrates it’s return to the Lester Center on Dec. 18, at 7 p.m.

More than 40 music students from Ring System Studio will rock out melodies during the holiday performance in front of a live audience after the global pandemic silenced the tunes.

“We’re so excited to be out to play in front of a live crowd again,” Ian Lihou, the school’s founder and concert organizer, said.

The music lineup has been chosen by the performing students themselves featuring classic and modern hits throughout the night. Everything from the Pure Prairie League to the Foo Fighters, Whitney Houston to Dolly Parton and Arcade Fire to the Beatles can be expected, Lihou said.

The annual event was first organized in 2011 by Ring System Studio and has been performing at concerts year-round ever since. It’s been a labour of love, Lihou said.

“It’s been a heck of a ride,” he said. “So many kids have been with me since they were little kids and now they’re graduating or in some cases graduated.”

His students have been waiting for the day they finally were allowed to return and perform live. They are ready to impress, Lihou said.

“I will guarantee this, it will be a great show,” he said. “Anybody who has attended before knows how good of a show it is.”

Regular COVID-19 regulations are in effect and attendees, proof of vaccination and masks are required upon enterin

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