Vicky Pattison planning to freeze eggs until boyfriend Ercan is ready for a baby

Vicky Pattison has been dating Ercan Ramadan since 2018, and the former Geordie Shore star revealed she has opted to undergo the £10k procedure because her boyfriend ‘isn’t ready’ for fatherhood just yet

Vicky Pattison feels empowered after making the decision to pause her biological clock
Vicky Pattison feels empowered after making the decision to pause her biological clock

Vicky Pattison said she’s planning to freeze her eggs until boyfriend Ercan Ramadan is ready for a baby.

The 32-year-old star began dating the social media personality in 2018, just months after she split from childhood sweetheart John Noble.

Vicky and Ercan live together in Essex, but she said despite their blissful romance, her beau isn’t ready to become a father just yet, even though she’s keen to start a family.

Former Geordie Shore star Vicky confessed she initially struggled with the decision to freeze her eggs, but she’s bravely opted to undergo the procedure – which costs around £10,000 – in an effort to pause her biological clock.

She told Closer that her 29-year-old boyfriend, who she’s been dating for two years, isn’t ready to start a family, and Vicky said she doesn’t want to put pressure on him.

Vicky and Ercan have been dating since 2018



The TV star said some days are hard, as she wakes up and ‘all I want to be is a mother’, but despite her tears, she’s happy with the decision to freeze her eggs, and said she won’t be getting pregnant ‘for a few years’.

“In the past if I’ve got upset over it, Ercan has said, ‘We’ll have a baby if you want to.’ But that’s not what I want to hear – I want to hear, ‘I want to have kids with you,’” she shared.

Vicky said she understands Ercan ‘is not ready’ to be a father, and she chose egg freezing because she ‘doesn’t want to be the person who rushes someone else because my biological clock is ticking’.

Vicky said she didn’t want to pressure Ercan into starting a family


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The happy couple will wait a few years before thinking about becoming parents


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The former Queen of the Jungle said she thinks the procedure is ‘empowering’, and wanted to have the option of her eggs frozen in case she was waiting a few years to start a family.

“This is a responsible move and one I can’t put off any longer,” she stated.

Vicky said she was making the decision to freeze her eggs so she wouldn’t be unhappy later in life.

Vicky said Ercan was ‘The One’


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Elsewhere in the interview, she touched upon her relationship with Ercan, who she sweetly called ‘The One’, and said if she’d met him 10 years ago ‘it wouldn’t have worked out’.

Vicky confessed she ‘didn’t love myself enough’, and she would have never thought she was good enough for Ercan, and even said she ‘would have been the toxic one in the relationship’.

Luckily for the reality star, he came along at ‘just the right time’, and the couple have been blissfully happy ever since.

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